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I paid the loan off and never got discharge paperwork. It shows as a lien against my home and, recently, kept me from getting a loan using the equity in my home. Even with legal help I have not had any success getting this lien removed. Dartmouth was closed down for fraud and this branch of Household Bank was, also, shut down according to everything I have been able to find out. This makes it impossible to contact anyone to obtain the needed... Read more

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A while back I received a letter which I can't find about them being sued over there rates because I was a customer I got behind in my payments in 2010 I haven't made a payment since then I have not because of financial difficulties and now i owe a ridiculous amount which I cannot repay because of there rates they call me every now and then and try to work something out which I cannot do I offered a dollar and that was it is there a statue of... Read more

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*** holes and I have a lawsuit against household bank!! Add comment

I tried activating a card in which I was on the phone for awhile talking with JULIE who told me that the card was activated and I was good to go and have a good holiday. I called the number on the back of the card and was told there was no balance so I called the card company and they said the card was deactivated because of some sort of restriction. GET YOUR *** TOGETHER PEOPLE. I'LL SEND THE CARD BACK SO YOU CAN STICK IT UP YOUR *** AND I... Read more

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In 2005, I opened a credit card account with HSBC, with a credit line of $6000. A big mistake. In 2006, I submitted a balance transfer for $1500, to reduce the APR on that amount from 14.5% to 3% for one year. Although I was charged a fee of $50 for the transfer, the rate never went down. When I tried to complain to HSBC, it was impossible to talk to anyone with any authority to deal with this issue (their outsourced telephone reps in India were... Read more

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I have gone through all of the comments about this bank and here is what I would like to say. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE THE VICTIM. Most of you don't read your statements or think that you should have everything handed and given to you. Fee, payment holds, ladada. What about taking a little responsibility for yourself. Well i guess we can say that its not genetic. I will tell you what you should your *** handed to you. Be... Read more

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Household Bank refused to reverse fraudulent charges by, even though I sent them evidence that was in a class action lawsuit for similar fraudulent charges. Do not get involved with this company. They are not a reputable company. I fully complied with their dispute process and they refused to reverse the charges. They are attempting to steal money by assisting in collecting fraudulent charges. I hope someone... Read more

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I called Household Bank to request a due date change from the 16th to the 20th and they said they don't offer customers that option. I explained that it is a financial hardship because I have to pay my mortgage, car insurance and monthly transportation fee out of my first pay check of the month and I really needed to be able to pay Household from my second check. So I'm pissed and when I pay off the balance I'm closing the account.... Read more

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I recently was discharged from a Chapter7 bankruptcy. Soon after multiple offers from HBSC came. I applied, wanted to start rebuilding prior 25yrs impeccable credit. Accepted, did phone activation, said was accepted until I tried to use it, was denied. Called CSR and was asked to "verify" information I have NEVER EVER had to from any company...height on drivers license, age range of father, previous addresses, etc. Red flags went up after I had... Read more

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tried to make payment by phone today to Household Bank mastercard, found they applied Sept payment to August as 2nd payment for Aug then tried to chaege late fee for sept. agreed to reapply to sept *** late fee, still tried to charge me for them again rather than deduct the payment and late fee from amount due. told her what was due, tried to get her to accept payment. Had she verbally refused payment the account would have been paid in full,... Read more

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