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household bank has my phone numbers in a account that is in collections. this is not my account and the name on the account is not mine, and i have never herd of this person other than the repeated collection phone calls.

i have my numbers removed from that company, than the account gets sold to another collection company and the calls start up again. this has been going on for over two years. when i tried to have hsbc contact the collection co. i was told that they could not make out going calls, ieven asked to speek with a manager and i was given the phone number to the B.B.B.


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I have been receiving emails from this company telling me about an account that isn't even mine!. I also do not know who this person is, and I live in Europe, and have never heard of this company.

I asked how they have got hold of my email add and the email I got back was to phone them, given a ref number and told that as a CUSTOMER i was very important to them!!. Not as important as the customers details they keep giving me obviously.

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